Wasted Love | February 2017

Xiang Xu, Katie Wilson. (Photo: E. M. Whiteley)

Xiang Xu, Katie Wilson. (Photo: E. M. Whiteley)



Born Dancing will present its brand new act, Wasted Love, on February 17, 18, 19, 2017 at the New York Live Arts Theater.

Tickets are only $15 and support our mission of providing Students with Disabilities with real-world dance performance and production experiences and apprenticeships to learn job and social skills. Students will perform in the first act and throughout the show our adolescent apprentices with Down syndrome will assist in Costumes, Lighting, and Stage Management.


The first act will feature choreographed dances from our students representing 2nd Grade through fifth. They will present original choreography inspired by and set to the music of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. Our kids have varying levels of ability. In common they share ambition, energy and heart! Many of their family members will be there to cheer them on. We hope you can join us too. It will feel as if they're dancing on the moon as they defy expectations. 


The second act is a modern dance Girl-Meets-Boy (Not So) Fairy Tale set to the music of singer/songwriter Misty Boyce and choreographed by Born Dancing's Founder and Executive Director, Melissa van Wijk.

The choreography explores the expected and unexpected meetings and partings of differently abled people as they move through a ‘New York City meets Hogwarts’ world where a Girl and a Boy wrestle through the thrills and trappings of romance.

If you like Misty's music you are going to want to come to our shows, because she will be performing with us. If you don't know her music yet, Wasted Love will be the perfect opportunity for you to fall in love with her work. 

The performances will have live music under Music Direction by Scott Sharrard (Guitarist and Musical Director for the Gregg Allman Band) and include photography by E.M. Whiteley as well as video by Cheyenne Picardo.



We've documented the "making-of" below so you can get a feel for what's to come.