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born dancing was honored to share their story with the Aleteia network, an online publication distributed in eight languages, that focuses on uplifting stories in their new LOOK UP! series. please enjoy these two videos.


Born Dancing was recently featured in the january 28th, 2019 issue of christian science monitor magazine. you can read the full article here.

Cover of January 28, 2019 issue of The Christian Science Monitor.
Dancer Madison Ferris sits in a wheelchair and dancer Madeline Charles stands in the back with her back to the audience and one leg and both arms extended up.
Melissa goes over choreography with the intergenerational dancers from a piece titled  Only Connect.  8 of the 12 dancers are seated on a circle of chairs.
Dancer Kelly Vaghenas and student-dancer Emily perform and move as though on a balance beam.
Five women stand on chairs with one arm up and fists raised.

Last fall, Born Dancing Founder Melissa joined an XceptionalED podcast to discuss what it takes to get a nonprofit off the ground. XceptionalED inspires and empowers professionals and parents to help more people with special needs through online courses. click here to listen.

Logo and picture of the episode of Xceptional Leaders that features the Founder of Born Dancing.

Born Dancing WAS so honored to be included in the November, 2018 “Beauty of Giving” article in O, The Oprah Magazine (P36).

Cover of November 2018 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine with Oprah on the cover in a beige trench coat on a swing.
Close up of the article in O-Magazine, titled  Good Spirits.
Group shot of nine dancers, Melissa, and three student-dancers and apprentices at the O-Magazine photo shoot.
Photographer sets up the shot as dancers get ready for a group picture.
Apprentice Malik and student-dancer Kamran hug and smile at the camera at the O photoshoot. In the background are Melissa and two dancers getting ready for some photos.


Close up of article in Education Update.