Born Dancing in Action

Female dancer carries young boy on her back in rehearsal. Both are laughing.

"The elementary aged students were exposed to a plethora of job and career opportunities that they may not have been privy to without this experience. These include interacting with a live orchestra, choreographers, sound engineers, professional dancers, lighting technicians, and many other 'behind the scenes' jobs that make a production come to life."

-- Jennifer Flinn-Knizeski
Special Education Teacher

"Charlotte learned discipline and had a wonderful experience at her first professional dance concert at an esteemed Manhattan theater. That was fantastic in and of itself, but more importantly, she got to dance with her fellow schoolmates and experience other dancers with disabilities and witness their abilities."

-- Gayle Snible


Student-dancers waiting and stretching their legs in the dressing room and smiling at the camera.

Three boys in light blue t-shirts and red overalls are reaching one arm up and dancing in front of several apple boxes and a large back drop of an apple tree.

"While learning the art and technique of dancing our students have also increased their confidence and willingness to take risks and try new things. Most importantly, our students have learned lessons of inclusiveness, understanding, and the power of collaboration."

-- Meghan Kelley


Quotable Quotes

Thank you very much for giving Daniel this chance to learn dancing and perform on the stage. He enjoyed and liked it so much.
— Cai Family
Caileen and I are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity! What a great introduction to “behind the scenes” of dance production and to the wonderful world of dance. How inspiring it was to me seeing how all the different dancers came together so fluently and seemingly effortlessly. I especially appreciated the time all spent sharing with Caileen. I hope to explore opportunities to dance for both of us. Nice to be inspired!
— Maureen Teige, mother of Caileen who was an apprentice in our January 2018 production

Praise for Born Dancing on Social Media

I’m blown away and overwhelmed by the experience.
— Misty
Hands down one of the best most romantic modern dance performances featuring differently abled performers.
— Claritza
One of the most amazing inspirational things I have ever done in my life is to be a part of this company.
— Suhadee
Perhaps the most compelling piece of dance I’ve ever seen
— Danielle
Seeing people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities dancing together was pure magic.
— Jodi
Amazing amazing music and inspirational dance.
— Christopher
I was bawling throughout the whole thing.
— Claritza